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Jewellery Care

Nowadays, Fashion and gold plated jewellery comes at an affordable price but with a limited lifespan and requires a proper care and maintenance to prolong its life. Fashion jewellery tarnishes when exposed to moisture, oils, salts and acids. Our skin transfers all of these so special care is required.

General Care:

  • Keep jewellery away from direct heat, water, perfumes, deodorants and other strong chemicals as they may react with the metal or the plating.
  • A single spray of these perfumes are good enough to instantly spoil the look and colour of the jewellery or shorten the colour life.
  • Dry your hands before handling, or putting on, any piece of fashion jewellery from your collection.

Jewellery Cleaning:

  • While cleaning your costume jewellery, do not immerse it in water or any cleaning solution. Doing so will cause a change in the colour of the stones. It also dissolves the material used to set the stones. Instead, use a damp, soft cloth to wipe the jewellery.

Jewellery Storage:

  • Keep your jewellery in original box or airtight zip lock covers or plastic boxes & store individual pieces separately.
  • Before placing them in containers, make sure any moisture or sweat should be properly wiped off with a moisture-absorbing product like small silica packets that typically come packaged with suitcases and shoes. If you don't have access to moisture-absorbing materials, make sure each jewellery piece is thoroughly dry, then seal it into a ziplock plastic bag for storage.
  • When storing your fashion jewellery try wrapping each piece in anti-tarnish paper. If you don't have anti-tarnish paper you may use an eyeglass cloth instead.

Do's and Dont's:

  • Don't Wash Dishes or do Laundry With Your Jewellery on: Many cleaning products that come in contact with your beautiful jewellery that can take off the finish because of the harsh chemicals.
  • Don't Wear Jewellery In Pool or at the Spa: Chlorinated water can react with the metals.
  • Don't Put on Lotion or Perfume with your Jewellery on: For the same reasons listed above, lotions and perfumes that are not 100% natural can react unfavourably with your jewellery.
  • Put Your Jewellery on After You Put Your Clothes on and Before Your Take Your Clothes Off: Doing this will ensure that your clothing doesn't get caught on your sweater or t-shirt during the clothing removal process. An accidental pull of your necklace while taking off your shirt can cause a chain or string to break.
  • Put Jewellery On After Applying Hairspray and Makeup: Perfumes, hairspray, lotion and makeup usually contains harsh chemicals that can damage your beautiful jewellery. By waiting until you are all done your beauty routine you can avoid potential damage.
  • Remove Your Jewellery During Activities: When performing mundane and fun tasks, such as laundry, cooking, or gardening, remove your jewellery to prevent physical damage or exposure to cleaning chemicals or cleaning fluids.